Greg Claridge    Sound Designer & Composer

Composer and Sound Designer

About Me

I am a London based composer and sound designer with many years experience in Soho's top post-production facilities. Having worked on many different projects, I can compose creatively and imaginatively in a wide range of styles.

I spend most days working at Silk Sound as a sound engineer, primarily for radio and TV commercials, promos and sponsorship bumpers. As such I am fully conversant with the specifications required for broadcast and I am used to working within very tight time constraints and to even tighter deadlines!

I have composed music for radio and TV commercials, short films, web sites, jingles and corporate branding. One of my tracks also got a commercial release through producers and remixers Andy Tau & Touch Enable.

My sound design work has covered many areas including computer games, bingo machines, TV channel branding, and specialist sound effects in commercials and films.

I work in conjunction with Silk Sound Studios and Vocal Konnection, which provide me with some excellent vocal talent if required, both singers and voice over artists, as well as other musicians if required.

Click here to email me or call me on 07830 187 797